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3853 NR  Ermelo
tel.+31 (0)341-563138
fax +31 (0)341-558108
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  • 2003 Ahold top exit after profitwarning,.see book quoted at the bottom of the page.
    Presentation of Ultra Wide Band on National Strategic Frequency Discussion
    Marketing and consultancy Sensa automatisering
    introduction of a new industrial CNC controller Ranking within 1 month among the worlds 100.000 most visited websites.
  • 2002 Survey and advise TM-UWB for the ministry of Economic Affairs
    Development dosimetric indicator instead of milage pricing (mobimeter, mobiprice)
  • 2001 Introduction super mini antenne and UWB connection
  • 2000 Arbitrage Emis (NAI) in conflict Emis - PTT about fl. 23 mln.
    Ahold arranges in Tonar conflict
  • 1999 Gemex develops trustworthy millenium tools for the care sector. Millennium due dilligence problem of insurance companies by Gemex in ANP radio news service and Actua television.
    Development and introduction of Real view 3D
  • 1998 Parliaments questions about Tonar - Ahold affair  Press release 201 Ministery of Economic Affairs
  • 1997 NRC newst - Rooymans contra Ahold.
  • 1997 The Tonar file appears in bookstores  Dutch bookstores / Bruna => search for ‘Tonar’ Media offensive Ahold affair Dutch Press Agency (ANP), SBS6, De Groene Amsterdammer
  • 1996 Interim director and management Stone Qualifying Systems
    Gemex starts webportal
  • 1995 Gemex represents Russian gouvernments agency Tonar in a legal conflict with Ahold and the ministry of Economic Affairs
    Gemex puts NS travelplanner on sattellite via Eurosport 
    Who puts the Travelplanner on the World Wide Web?
  • 1994 Development of W-line, poor man’s internet via phone and videotext
  • 1993 Organisation and financing mega happening RAI and in exhibition halls Essen (Germany)
  • 1992 Automation Polish Central Bank and Customs
  • 1991 Connection of Polish university network EARN.
    International projects Eastern Europe, Yemen, India - year volume of trade reaches fl.1,27 million
  • 1990 Management education Eastern-European companies in coalition with Chamber of Commerce
  • 1989 Interim management Ultimate Technology. First international orders
  • 1988 Foundation Gemex Consultancy b.v. First year’s volume of trade  fl. 226.000,-