Gemex Consultancy
Telgterweg 226
3853 NR  Ermelo
tel.+31 (0)341-563138
fax +31 (0)341-558108
6Pho +31 (0)341 - 563138

About Us

Starting in 1988 as SPI, GEMEX rapidly developed into a multinational organisation, serving various sectors of automation with experience in the fileld of:

    * ICT, communication, internet
    using smart cards, biometrics and the latest advanced technologies such as UWB communication.

    *Business Operations
    Loyalty concepts, organization and supply of “turn-key” solutions and hosting. Promotion and marketing on the global

    Ever since the foundation, GEMEX has been involved in performing management tasks for other companies and governmental institutes.

    Some of our customers:

Emis, NIRN, Ultimate Technology, Russian ministry of economic affairs, Electronics workbench, Intersolve technologies, Affinity Plc., Amstec inc. Chutney Tech, Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs, treasures of the earth, Nedap.



     J.O. Rooymans CEO
    E. Karasjuk CFO O. Bruinsma Senior advisor
    dr. H. Schutte technical specialist

                       Gemex Consultancy B.V. - Ermelo - The Netherlands